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Broz News has been in continous operation (+ or - a week or so) since 1997. Arguably, this is the first weblog ever anywhere. Ever! But that's only if you want to argue, and I'd rather just drink my beer while it's still cold. And I don't like to think of Broz News as a weblog anyway. It's a news site. A news aggregator site.

Broz News was started back then to accomplish several things unrelated to weblogs. Certainly urelated to being the first weblog EVER.

Way back then the place where Broz worked had no constant internet connection, and dial out was a privilege. Employees used incredibly junky 28.8 modems from hell, that got their power from the serial port pins. Cheap and primitive, sure, but at least they were junk.

With such limited access to the internet, it was foolish or impossible for everyone in the office to be dialing out thru our fixed number of phone lines to read tech news. It wasted a lot of time, and Broz decided to aggregate the news into one easy to digest bagel that everyone could copy. He published it internally, after assembling it with WebWhacker and it was a hit! Thirty five hungry news hounds, eager for their morning Broz News, became his first subscribers.

Most of these subscribers were software engineers, but some were "sales guys." The sales guys were the ones Broz hoped would read it thoroughly, as our little company was far too dependent on too few customers, and the sales guys needed to seek out new frontiers and new civilizations. We needed them to boldly go where no sales guy from our company had ever gone before. Broz News claims only a moderate succes in this area.

Since those early days, Broz News has evolved. Content has changed, appearance has improved, and readership is up. Readers from many places on Earth read Broz News, including Australia, Canada and even Emlenton, PA! Someone must find it valuable, as site traffic is way up from just a year ago.

If it hadn't been for two very generous web designers, the site would have folded a long time ago. Gary Marshall and Mike Sachs redesigned my site several times, making it more readable, more attractive, and better all around. Their efforts were critical to the success of the site.

Broz News is still a tech news site. It permits reader submissions, and comments. It's still edited by the Broz.

Broz is Richard Brosnahan, a news hound since before the war (not saying which war). He currently works for another company, and for his own venture called Engineering Art. is hosted by 1and1, a hosting service, which has monthly fees. Of course. Reader purchases thru Amazon and clickthrus on Google ads cover some of the hosting fees. Additional purchases are always appreciated.

Let's roll, and let's be very careful out there!

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